Essential Oil Uses Guide

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What are essential oils? Essential oils are compounds that have been extracted from various plants by means of steam distillation or cold pressing.

Like any other product, not all essential oils are created equally. You want to ensure you are investing in reputable, trustworthy brands. Always opt for natural or organic oils, as there are many knockoffs that do not offer the same benefits as their pure compound counterparts. Discover how you can incorporate essential oils into your daily routine and make it a fundamental part of your personal care process.

How to Use Oils at Home?

Essentials oils can be an integral part of your daily at-home routine. Whether you use them for baking and cleaning or for animal care and home remedies, oils can be used as a replacement to harsh chemicals. This provides your family and pets a much healthier environment to live in.

Health and Exercise Essential Oil Uses Guide

Improving your health is one of the driving motives for why so many people have turned to essential oils. However, oils can also benefit your workouts, assist in weight management, complement your diet, and deliver your body more natural energy. Whether you use peppermint oil for its cooling effect on your muscles or lavender to improve your sleep for better recovery, integrating essential oils into your life can drastically enhance your fitness.


Essential oil therapy, better known as aromatherapy, is a widely used holistic approach to natural healing. This type of healing is used to help improve both your physical and mental health. There are several products that can help you utilize aromatherapy which include:

  • Diffusers
  • Body Oils
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Facial Steamers
  • And more

These can be combined or used by themselves. The whole purpose of this type of treatment is to deliver serenity and peace.

Our essential oil use guide provides many ways these oils can benefit your lifestyle. To learn more about essential oils, make sure to visit our store today.